London Calling – 2012 Olympic Games Year

2012 has been a busy year for global sport with the London Olympic Games taking centre stage as the year’s main event. There are many great stories about how the London Games are impacting the city and sport in the UK. Commonly referred to as “the birthplace of modern sport”, Britain was an appropriate location to showcase our modern sport heroes on the backdrop of its rich cultural history.

The Olympics were not the only big global sport event to take place in 2012. Innsbruck, Austria successfully hosted the first ever Youth Winter Olympic Games in January. New ground was broken in Africa early in the year where the tiny countries of Gabon and Equatorial Guinea co-hosted (for the first time) the continent’s premier event – football’s African Cup of Nations. In June, the eyes of the world were focused on Poland and Ukraine, who co-hosted Euro 2012 – football’s European Cup, with Spain taking in another world title.

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