Who We Are

We are a media, event and consultancy company that operates under the brand called Why Sport Matters. We created this company from a long experience working in the international sport field, inspired by the amazing stories of how sport reflects society in different cultural contexts. We give these stories a voice in an engaging way to be made available to the widest audience through various media channels. It tries to answer and demonstrate cultural identities through the sporting activity of our daily lives.

Why Sport Matters was created and is conducted by John Siner. John has over 20 years experience working in the sports industry both in the USA and internationally, including 7 years with the International Olympic Committee before starting Why Sport Matters. Previous experiences include Major League Soccer, adidas, CBS Sports, as well as collaborative projects with FIFA. John has a Masters degree in International Sport Management, and a published thesis on the subject of “Sport and Tourism”. This project is born out of his vision to further enhance cultural understanding through the power and impact of sport.

Our Philosophy

Sport plays a unique role in our society. We play it, we watch it, we read about it. It stirs our passion and inspires our dreams. The games we play define who we are, what we do, and how the world sees us. It has a special power to influence society, entertainment, media, geography, religion, politics, economy, etc. On a field of play, where everyone is equal, sport creates a common ground of understanding.

Sport is culture. It has a story to tell — from the earliest days of organized sport activities, to the bombardment of sport information on modern TV and in newspapers. With such a deep influence on our lives and a broad platform available for public consumption, sport has a unique power to impact humanity. Sport matters.

In a world of rapid globalization, cultures are colliding at an amazing pace. We are integrating, forced to adapt, and the need to be aware of those who are different from us has become critical. Sport lends itself to understanding people.

It is within this spirit that Why Sport Matters was born. Through the power of sport, we can learn more about each other, and help bridge the cultural divides. Our aim is capture and tell these stories…to explain indeed – “Why Sport Matters”.

“Politics divide, sport unites.” -Nelson Mandela


John Siner

John Siner

Nationality: USA

Professional History:

  • International Olympic Committee
  • CBS Sports.com
  • Adidas France – World Cup 1998
  • Tampa Bay Mutiny – Major League Soccer
  • Fox Broadcasting – Los Angeles
  • KPMG Peat Marwick
  • Masters Degree in International Sport Management 2002 (The “FIFA Master”)
  • Undergraduate Degree in Business – College of William & Mary, USA
  • Sports Journalist
  • Videographer (view a recent project HERE)

Mini Bio:

  • Born on an U.S. Army base in New Jersey, USA
  • Father was career U.S. Air Force, moved around during childhood (spent 4 years in Germany)
  • Grew up mainly in Springfield, VA – suburb of Washington, D.C. Spent many times on travel with youth soccer team
  • Attended College of William & Mary in Virginia, member of NCAA Div 1 Soccer team and Theta Delta Chi fraternity
  • Places lived since university: Washington D.C (1992), Los Angeles (1993), Tallahassee Florida (1994-95), Tampa Florida (1996-97), Paris France (1998), Ft. Lauderdale Florida (1999-2001), in Europe for Master’s degree (2002), Lausanne Switzerland (2003-2009)


The World Tour

World Tour FPO

Why Sport Matters was formally launched in 2009. What better way to uncover some of these stories than to go out and experience them? So we began our adventure with an around-the-world trip targeting specific places/countries which are good examples of cultural identification through sport. Our world tour covered all 5 continents and lasted more than 1 year, beginning in October 2009 and finishing in 2011. Our journey, which included visits to:

  • Africa – Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia
  • Americas – Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, USA
  • Australia/Pacific – Australia, New Zealand, Samoa
  • Asia – Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, India
  • Europe – Turkey, Greece


John interviews woman

During our travels, we conducted detailed interviews and research (including on-camera interviews) with a variety of people and organisations related to sport, for example:

  • National Olympic Committees
  • Ministers of Sport, Tourism, Culture
  • Sport organizations (based on popular sports in that country)
  • Historians, journalists, and experts
  • Athletes (famous, youth)
  • IOC Members

Education is a key component of Why Sport Matters. We are regularly asked to do speaking engagements and educational presentations with a variety of organisations to further communicate our philosophy and findings. Our speaking engagements have included:

  • Universidad de los Andes – Bogota, Colombia
  • University of Zambia – Symposium on Sport – Lusaka, Zambia
  • International Olympic Committee, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • University of Central Florida, USA • University of Florida, USA
  • International Olympic Academy – Olympia, Greece
  • George Washington University Sports Management Program – (students on-site during the Athens 2004 , Torino 2006, and Beijing 2008 Games)
  • Glion Institute of Higher Management Sport Programme – Glion, Switzerland
  • FIFA International Sports Master – Milan, Italy
  • AISTS International Sports Master – Lausanne, Switzerland