The TEAMMATES Programme is set up whereby one local person from each country is invited to be a part of the project and to work with John and Lisa while they are in each location. The below lists each of the Teammates who have worked with Why Sport Matters.

KENYA – Rachel Musyoka – sports journalist

Rachel Musyoka was asked by the NOC of Kenya to be the Why Sport Matters Teammate for Kenya. Rachel’s infectious personality has clearly made her a favorite within the circles of Kenya’s sports community, as she set up an amazing schedule to give us a taste of the sport culture in this great country.

Born in 1984 in Mombassa, Kenya’s second biggest city along the eastern shoreline, she is part of a true sporting family as her husband Collins Obuya is a current member of the Kenya national cricket team. Not surprisingly, Rachel is an avid fan of sport and has wanted to be a sports journalist since being inspired by reading the sports news and watching events on television in her youth. Surely their 2-year-old son Troy will be raised in Kenya’s sporting traditions.

John with Rachel at NOCAfter graduating from Kenya Polytechnic with a degree in Journalism and Broadcasting, Rachel settled in the capital city of Nairobi. She is now a fulltime sports reporter for Kenya’s 3rd largest daily newspaper, The People.

In her words: “Sport is such a great tool for unification. In Kenya, the country comes together for sport, like supporting our athletes at the Olympics. In areas of post-conflict like ours and similar countries in Africa, sport can share in the spirit of building the country.”

“The philosophy of Why Sport Matters is great because it is an eye-opener. It has the power to explain people, and to give an idea of what different countries are like. I am at a point in my career where I want to continue to branch out and learn more. So, being a part of this project has been a good learning experience.”

NIGERIA – Tunde Ajibode – broadcast sports correspondent

Nigerian FlagThe Nigerian NOC did a huge favour to the project by assigning sports correspondent Tunde Ajibode as the Teammate for Nigeria. Tunde’s experience and connections in the Nigerian sports world helped shape a fast-paced week in Lagos and Abuja.

Tunde AjibodeTunde is a sports-lover and is living his boyhood dream of working in sports media for a living. Born in 1976, he is engaged to be married in March 2010 in his native Lagos to his fiancé Toyin. He lives in his house in a neighborhood dedicated to journalists, which was established by the Nigerian Union of Journalists such that journalists can be a familiar community.

Tunde is a sports correspondent for both TV and radio, producing daily sports programming for Continental TVC . Following his graduation in journalism from Lagos State University, he also worked at Hally Sports (3 years), Lagos State Radio Broadcasting Service (7 years), LINK TV (1 year), and Goter TV (1 year).

In his words: “I had some role models when I was young, my father was a football goalkeeper, and my uncle was a prominent coach in Nigeria. So sport was always around us. Father taught me stories about Nigerian broadcast like Fabio Olapekun. He would bring me to the stadium and when I saw the journalists there, I knew I wanted to be one of them. Sport means everything to me, especially football. I enjoy my job because I get to travel, meet people, and everything is about sport.”

John and TundeTunde expresses his good fortune to have been able to travel as part of his job, having covered events in Tunisia, Turkey, the Beijing 2008 Games, Germany, South Africa, Egypt, Morocco and most recently for the IOC Congress in Denmark.

“It has been wonderful to be a part of Why Sport Matters project. It has a great vision, and I support people with good ideas like this. I want this project to show a good side of Nigeria, for people to get the real impression of Nigeria, with a passion for sport, and not a crime country.”

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