World Tour

Samoa – 27 April 2010

Rugby Posts in SamoaTalofa from Samoa!

The first stop in the South Pacific region for the Why Sport Matters journey was Samoa, a small Polynesian island nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (more or less half-way between Hawaii and New Zealand). In this tropical paradise, they do things the Samoan Way, or Fa’a Samoa, and this is reflected in their sport culture. With a total population of less than 200,000, Samoans have a great passion and a proven ability in a wide variety of sport.

The national sport in Samoa is clearly rugby — and you cannot be in this country without seeing the effects of it, as they have remarkable international success for such a small country. At this time, Samoa is currently the #1 ranked team in the world for Rugby Sevens, having won the previous three tournaments in the Sevens World Series Circuit. Interest in the sport is sure to keep growing thanks to the IOC’s decision to add it as an Olympic sport, and it will get its big debut in the Rio 2016 Games.

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